In a world of smart technology and manufactured materials, the all-natural, rough-hewn charm of rustic furniture evokes a sense of history with a feeling of the Old West. You don’t need to own a ranch or a country home, however, to incorporate this time-honored rustic style into your decor.
“The natural look of rustic is very flexible and can blend in with any setting,” said Chris Olsen, owner of The Ranch in Corpus Christi. “I have delivered furniture to places ranging from trailers to million-dollar homes.”  
Rustic furniture’s durability, versatility and sense of character make it appealing in any setting, whether you want to furnish an entire house or just one room or add a single piece as an accent or focal point. 
In his own home, Olsen adds a splash of Old West charm by placing just the right pieces of rustic furniture to blend in and enhance his family’s personal style.
“At home, we like to mix it up,” he said. “We have pieces that are natural wood with neutral shades that go great with other colors. We then have rustic pieces that are painted.”
The Ranch carries a line of furniture that comes in six different colors: white, black, gray, dark brown, red and turquoise. The painted pieces work well with almost any decor, Olsen said. One well-placed piece can liven up an entire room. 
Both the furniture and accessories available at The Ranch are made with natural materials such as hardwood, wool, leather, wrought iron and copper. The furniture is 100 percent Brazilian pine, all-natural and easy to maintain. 
“This is the sturdiest, most kid-proof type of furniture I’ve encountered,” said Olsen, who has been in the business for 10 years. “Because rustic furniture is made from solid wood, the products are very hardy and can last for years. Bookcases that are six to fifteen years old still look the same as new.” 
Slight scuffs or scratches aren’t usually noticed on rustic furniture because they blend in with the furniture’s “rough-around-the-edges look,” Olsen said. 
In addition, minor damages on rustic furniture can be easily fixed. Unlike compressed or lacquered particle board from the big box stores, the furniture at The Ranch holds up well to everyday wear and tear. 
No two pieces are ever alike. Each chair, table or dresser, though cut the same, will bear different marks and woodgrains. 
Many of the pieces in Olsen’s store can be used for multiple purposes. 
“We have nightstands that can double as end tables,” he said. “They also come in natural wood or handpainted.”
A counter-height bar with stools can be used as a kitchen island or a bar for a man cave.
“We actually used one here in the store as a cashier counter for taking orders,” Olsen said.
Inventory includes an assortment of desks, bookshelves and bedroom sets with dressers and vanities as well as dining sets. In fact, an 8-foot dining table is currently The Ranch’s featured item and comes in natural or dark wood with matching buffet and china cabinets. 
“The materials are so natural, sometimes you might even find the occasional bead of sap,” Olsen said. “Regardless of a person’s style preferences, one thing for sure is, here at The Ranch, we carry the kind of quality furniture that is built to last.”
It can also be worked into any decor, lending character and warmth to any and every room in your home. 
The Ranch is located at 6429 S. Crosstown Expressway, Suite 102, in Corpus Christi. For more information, contact (361) 335-6302 or Visit to get a feel for how you can bring the comfort and style of the Old West into your home.